Shift Knob

EVO Extended Length Delrin Shift Knob 

Binary is giving you the BEST shift knob available for the EVO, and doing it for less coin.  Road racers, drag racers, and street-pull specialists will all appreciate the extra 1 inch of length, increased mass, and smooth contours.

The spherical shape is the most ergonomic shift knob design out there - it's why OEM's use it.  It allows for a variety of articulated wrist positions to be used comfortably.  Grip it from the top, from the side, underhand - anyway you come at it... it feels good.  The extra length gets it closer to the wheel so your hands stay where they should be.

-  Black Delrin Material

-  CNC Machined

-  Available with or without logo

-  Threaded for EVO VII-IX 5 speeds


International shipments may incur local fees or duties

Type: Automotive

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