EMach: Adjustable Trigger for the Planet Eclipse EMek Paintball Marker

Nov. 2019, working on a new batch - thanks for the support and patience.


Fully adjustable trigger for the amazing Planet Eclipse EMek paintball gun.  Allows the user to adjust both "pre" and "post" travel of the trigger, shortening the overall trigger pull and increasing rate of fire and the size of your smile.  Includes a dual set of micro ball-bearings and a new trigger pin.  This trigger transforms the gun into an absolute beast of a mechanical marker!  See Note below about 1st generation EMeks.


-  6061 Aluminum with classy grey anodizing.

-  Slightly longer than stock EMek trigger to give a bit more leverage.

-  Dual ball bearings.

-  Precision ground trigger pin (use this new one - not the stock one).

-  Stainless steel set screws with NyLock patches

-  Perfect function of safety on 2nd generation PALS equip EMeks.

-  Functional as a trigger on 1st generation EMeks, but the safety will not prevent the marker from firing in the "safe" position.  But Planet Eclipse will upgrade your 1st generation EMek to the revised safety if you send them your marker.


1. Remove grip frame.

2.  Unscrew 4 phillips head screws holding trigger spring and safety in place.

3. Remove stock trigger by driving out the pin from the right side (when looking at the gun as you hold it to shoot).

4. Remove spring from stock trigger and place it on EMach trigger.

5.  Slide new trigger into frame.

6.  Install new trigger pin from the left side of the gun.  Make sure to insert the side of the pin that has the larger  chamfer (angled edge), this makes the pin go in smoother.

7.  Pin will be a snug fit and will require the use of a drift pin and small hammer.

8.  Once the pin has been driven in so that it is just sub-flush with the side of the gun, go to the other side of the pin and give it just the tiniest little tap.  This will make sure the trigger is not touching the frame on either side.

9.  Reinstall safety, trigger spring retainer., and grip frame.

10.  Go forth and mow faces.

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