CFD Titanium Comp, Full Profile - 2 Port


- Bore cut at 1 degree to comp face so it aligns better with slide.

- Excess material left on sides and bottom for perfect blending to slides.

The CFD Comp finally brings real engineering analysis and design to the shooting sports.  This comp was designed and setup in a proper computational fluid dynamics model using external flow.  Using this simulation model the size, shape, and spacing of each port was optimize to create the flattest shooting comp out there.  You can see that port arrangement isn't the typical big to small that dominates the common sense designs.  As the gas expands and lowers in pressure the ports need to become larger to effectively create the forces we are looking for.  Trust the data, this is what it wants.

The other area of focus for the CFD Comp is being super lightweight.  Of course it had to be made of titanium. All excess material is removed to make this the lightest weight comp you can buy at 1.8oz.  The ports are carved deep and wide with a contoured lower section.  This lightweight design creates unparalleled balance and speed shot-to-shot.

Comps require gunsmith installation.  Each CFD comp is checked with the Brownells .685-40 tap, to run smoothly.  BUT - new barrels, like KKM come with the threads only partially cut.  This allows the gunsmith to finish cut the threads with an adjustable die to assure a tight fit between comp and barrel.  Please see video below for installation overview. 

-  CNC Machined from 6AL-4V titanium, bead blasted finish.

-  Threaded 11/16-40

-  1.8 Oz

-  Designed around a .369 ream (EGW), this is important as the size of the hole in the baffles plays directly into the port size and spacing

-  Align ream once installed

-  Review the graphs to see the effect of barrel holes.  9mm Major can run without if that's your style, or with two 3/16" holes.  1/8" don't give enough bang for the buck. 1/4" should be used by the 38 Super guys.

-  Shoot more 2 Alphas


No international shipments.  Any international orders placed will be canceled.


Installation video:

Type: Shooting

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